PM 593 Pilot on Regional Coordination

Pilot on Regional Coordination for investment projects

Through Prime Minister Decision 593/QD-TTg[1], the Ministry of Planning and Investment is tasked to formulate and promulgate a “set of criteria for identifying linkage projects and programs” with the purpose to “maximize the potentials and strengths of the provinces and the [Mekong Delta] Region”. Regional linkage projects are explained as “projects … that are located either in at least two provinces, or in one province only but with impact on at least one further province in the [Mekong Delta] region”. The piloting areas for regional linkage projects are defined as: 1) production, processing and consumption of agricultural products with particular reference to the value chain; 2) investments in developing and upgrading the water management systems for irrigation, flood prevention and salt water intrusion control for agricultural production; developing and improving the sea dyke, ring dyke and mangrove belt systems and projects for environmental protection and adaptation to climate change; and 3) developing and upgrading infrastructure in respect of waterways, roads, aviation and ports.”

[1] PM Decision 593/QD-TTg, 6 April 2016, “Pilot coordination of regional linkage of socio-economic development in the Mekong Delta, 2016-2020”