This website contains all information on the Mekong Delta Plan for national, provincial and municipal government, related research and development agencies, delta farmers and international development partners.

The Mekong Delta Plan contains specific recommendations for a safe, sustainable and prosperous long-term development for the upper delta, the estuary zone and the peninsula area as well as more generic recommendations on institutional strengthening and transboundary cooperation. The MDP was submitted to the government of Vietnam in December 2013.

From the Mekong Delta Forum 2015 and 2016 and several implementing projects it has become clear that there is  broad awareness on the recommendations at the provincial level. However, the Forum also revealed a knowledge gap, which creates difficulties in converting the recommendations into policy actions. The existence of this gap was explicitly confirmed during an MDP training in Feb 2016, facilitated by an expert group from the Netherlands . At the commune level, IUCN has observed little awareness of the messages and adaptation directions suggested in the MDP amongst delta farmers.

To bridge this knowledge gap, the government of the Netherlands has assigned a consortium headed by IHE (see “our team”) to disseminate all information on the principles and recommendations in the MDP including related knowledge for specific subsectors and subregions through providing dedicated training workshops for a selected group of provincial government officials and delta farmers.

The overall objective of this website is to create a dedicated information portal for all project participants and other stakeholders focussing on a safe and sustainable socio-economic development for the Mekong Delta. The portal not only documents training documents used for disseminating information on the MDP. It also provides a broad analysis of trends and developments, an overview of development partner projects contributing to the desired transition, and a database with background documents on sectoral and subregional topics. In addition, news articles on the delta are collected and forwarded to registered members in a monthly newsletter. To promote the transfer of knowledge and to facilitate a dialogue on future delta development, the portal also offers a dedicated forum section.